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Are public buildings in Britain really safe from asbestos?

From the mid-19th century until 1999, Britain produced and used more asbestos-based materials than any other nation. Asbestos insulation, floor tiles, cement and even automobile parts were common and low-cost, purchased by the average citizen who was oblivious to medical evidence that linked the silicate mineral to untreatable lung diseases and cancers. While asbestos materials […]

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The dark legacy of the Town of Asbestos

The word ‘asbestos’ hasn’t always had such negative connotations. Asbestos fibres were used in a staggering amount of construction materials including asbestos insulation, floor tiles and even fabric for its soundproofing and fireproofing qualities. Though the negative and deadly consequences of this silicate mineral were suspected for hundreds of years, it wasn’t until the start […]

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