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  • The course had the correct level of detail and provided the required information to understand the types, impacts and consequences of asbestos.

    Daniel Wright

    Spring FF&E Limited

  • Very pleased with the course and found it very informative.

    Sean Manion
  • Enlightening information delivery in an easily absorbed way.

    Andrew File
  • Well presented course. Good idea to quiz along the way.

    Darren Smith

    Aquila ATMS

  • Good. Course gaining some knowledge

    Dominic Booth
  • Brilliant.

    Robert Tuke
  • Well constructed course and easy to follow

    Phil Hefernan
  • Excellent course – quick, accurate and affordable.

    Vivian Browne
  • Excellent course.

    Steve Pickard
  • Very good, quick and simple!

    Jordan Butlin
  • This course is easy to do from your home PC and it has given me a far greater awareness, appreciation and knowledge of asbestos.

    Vincent Cairns
  • Very knowledgeable course and very easy to take in all information.

    Alex Yule
  • Very helpful, easy to use. And very very educational.

    Myles Balch

    Momentum Instore

  • Good course, thorough explanation

    Edmund Mayhew
  • Great course, easy to complete!!!

    Marius Enache
  • The course was very informative and with very good interactivity

    Brian Jeffries


  • Great course and easy to understand.

    Gary Duggan

    Duggan Contracting

  • Hassle free online course, would recommend others to use this site.

    Richard Hancocks
  • Most informative content, eye opening stuff.

    Boyd Waugh
  • Very good course

    Aaron Herbert
  • Found this course to be better than a classroom course.

    Daniel Pratt


  • Excellent training for our work force. Highly recommend.

    Ryan Tetley

    Magnum Opus Repairs

  • Helpful and quick

    Paul Mcgovern
  • Brilliant! Easy to follow. Mini quizs very helpful.

    Jael Omolo
  • Good pace of information and increases awareness.

    Steven Murray
  • Extremely well put over course, easy to pick up major points and very simple to use.

    Richard Smith
  • Enjoyed this course informative and interesting information.

    Andy Blake
  • Great, easy to follow and great information.

    Philip Bell
  • Brilliant course! Straight forward and easy to follow.

    Stuart Davie

    SWD Project Management Ltd

  • Very good all round course for understanding the dangers of Asbestos and where you may find it.

    Phil Gray

    RMS Refurbishments

  • Great course, clear and concise!

    Andy Yates

    Grainger Fire

  • Beats any other asbestos online test out there

    Daniel Bruce
  • Great introduction course. Clear instruction & easy to follow and complete.

    Owen Jones
  • In depth and quick, would highly recommend!

    Nicholas Fairbairn
  • Informative course, provides useful information and clear examples

    Jonathan Holland
  • Very good, easy to follow

    John Rabbatts
  • Good notes and a well structured informative presentation

    Alan P Dent
  • Completely helpful and very easy to use

    Joel Heals-Taylor
  • Very well set out, informative and easy to understand. Highly recommend!

    Daniel Blagden
  • Really useful course. Will be very beneficial.

    Kendra Waites
  • Very informative, methodical and clear method of educating everyone of the hazards of asbestos.

    Nigel Burling
  • Found the course to be very informative and will find it very useful in my current position.

    Byron Jones
  • Easy to use.

    Tom Hingston

    Murch and Baker

  • I found the course easy to navigate, with good explanations, and it’s given me a better understanding of Asbestos in addition to what I already know. I would recommended this to any employer looking to give their employees some basic training in Asbestos Awareness.

    Gillian Rance

    Abbotshill School

  • Very good, easy to use and informative.

    Ken Cornell
  • Very Informative, easy to follow and generally a very good way in making people aware of asbestos and their dangers.

    Stephen Illing
  • Done through the company but saves time by doing it yourself and not in a classroom environment.

    John Carstairs
  • Good modern method for refresher training.

    Ian Costello


  • Very good. Easy to follow.

    Gary Simpson
  • Really easy to use

    Chris Murphy
  • Brilliant!

    Shane Lewis
  • Very easy to use.

    David Brown
  • Fast, simple and effective. Thanks.

    Drew Bailey
  • Simple and informative.

    Evan Hunter
  • Very straightforward and well explained. Thank you.

    Waynne Southall
  • Easy to follow, concise and very informative.

    Tom Young
  • Simple, easy to navigate and very clearly laid out. Thank you.

    Ra Rodriguez
  • Very helpful.

    Matthew Watts
  • When I bought the course online I wrote my email down wrong, but they sorted it out very quickly for me. The course was easy to follow, and the quizzes after each section made you review any areas you needed to go over again, which I took advantage of a couple of times.

    John McCarthy
  • Great service, affordable, very informative, easy to use and certificate delivered within seconds.

    Rory McKiernan
  • Fantastic, exactly what I needed at a very quick time.

    John Sheppard
  • Excellent course. Highly informative.

    Eoin O’Grady

    Momentum Instore

  • Found it very good and interesting. The reading of the pages helped as I’m dyslexic.

    Duane Hunt
  • Good, straight to the point facts.

    Michael Hall

    Sheehan Contractors

  • Excellent delivery of this most informative course.

    Hameed Ahmed
  • Very valuable course

    Stephen Pinnington
  • The course was very good and concise that give myself a better understanding of asbestos and the need for its management and control at project locations.

    Gary Rawlings
  • Brilliant course, more courses should be available online as this is the way forward. Extremely convenient.

    David Dixon
  • The course was clear and concise, easy to understand and divided into sensible chunks.

    Mike Burden

    St Helen's Bishopgate

  • Very good course.

    James Connor
  • Very easy and accessible to use.

    Katherine Lyndon
  • Very good course.

    Tom Walley
  • Very good information provided.

    Mark Moriarty

    Local Run

  • Great course

    David Potter
  • Great questions, very effective.

    Harry Harris
  • It was very simple and easy to learn. Thanks.

    Nirmal Singh
  • Very informative I did not realize asbestos was used in so many places and how recently it was banned

    John Lomas
  • Very clear and direct to use, overall very happy

    Mohammed Faisal Khan
  • Well worth doing.

    Stephen Lowndes

    Momentum Instore

  • Very easy to use and understand

    Neil Sansom
  • Very clear and easy to follow. Thanks.

    Gavin Williams
  • Very good course in detail and content – well structured throughout

    Stephen Norris


  • Good informative course

    Andrew McKay
  • Very straightforward and very informative

    Shaun Macrae
  • Very informative and easy to use

    Jake Reeves-Hosegood
  • I learnt some key things about asbestos I never knew before.

    George Evans


  • One of the better online courses I have undertaken, very well presented.

    Tim Cullen

    Solutions AV

  • Straightforward course, easy to understand.

    Noel Walters
  • The course is very well set out and gives you enough time to review the questions prior to answering the multichoice pages.

    James Wilson


  • Great stuff. They make that look very easy but at the same time I’ve gained so much useful information. Highly recommended.

    Ardian Temaj
  • Greatly increased my awareness, dangers and locations of asbestos. Would recommend the course to anybody

    Simon Bignell
  • Really quick and easy to complete, great value

    Matthew Barrett
  • Very interesting – learnt a lot from this course

    Paul Brett
  • Great course. In-depth, not too complicated. Thank you!

    Sylwester Jamka

    Go Direct Consultants

  • Easy to follow course

    Keith Furey
  • Brilliant course with easy narrating and navigating through course

    Daniel Stephen Jackson
  • Excellent short course

    Gary Chappell-Smith
  • Excellent course, with fair and honest questions

    Calvin Jackson
  • Brilliant service, easy to understand, and good website layout

    Ricky White
  • This course was really helpful and I am going to recommend it to my fellow work colleagues

    David Ward
  • Absolutely essential

    Edward J. Copeland
  • Easy to follow and understand

    Robert James
  • This is a very thorough course that gives the delegate a great learning experience