Monthly Archives: February 2016

Asbestos legacy of Brighton bombing

Thirty-one years ago the Brighton bomb caused death and devastation inside the Grand Hotel, and remains one of the most notorious terrorist attacks to take place in this country. Who would have thought it would still be claiming victims thirty-one years later, however? Jonathon Woods, an anti-terrorist officer with the Metropolitan Police, was reported to […]

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Fly tipping and asbestos waste

The illegal dumping of asbestos waste has long been a problem in the UK, recently highlighted when fly tippers left an asbestos water tank at a Scottish beauty spot in the hills near Greenock. Local residents were naturally outraged, as serious health issues can result if asbestos dust and fibres are released into the air. […]

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Will war veterans receive full compensation for asbestos-related illness?

A campaign to ensure members of the armed forces receive the same level of compensation as civilians for asbestos-related illness, is gathering pace. Pressure has been placed on David Cameron, from a range of groups including politicians and military leaders, to remove inconsistencies within the compensation system. Late last year, the issue appeared to have […]

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