Monthly Archives: August 2017

The FM method – new way of detecting asbestos fibres in the air

Even though asbestos products were banned in the United Kingdom in 1999, nearly half of all buildings – and upwards of 75% of schools – still contain this carcinogenic material. If asbestos products are damaged, their sharp microscopic fibres are released into the air. When inhaled, asbestos can embed itself in the lungs. With proper […]

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London to host 3rd European Asbestos Forum Conference in September

What is the European Asbestos Forum? This year, the 3rd annual European Asbestos Forum Conference (EAF) will commence in London. The goal of the EAF is to connect qualified asbestos awareness professionals with industry experts. Whether you’re involved in asbestos removal, testing, insurance or consultancy, the wide range of perspectives encourages engaging dialogue. What have […]

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Digging deep into the UK’s lurking asbestos problem

With over 50% of buildings in the UK containing asbestos products, the need for proper asbestos awareness training has never been more important. The threat of asbestos fibre exposure doesn’t stop with buildings, however. Thousands of investigations across the UK have discovered asbestos contaminated soil throughout the country in accordance with the Control of Asbestos […]

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