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General information

This is an awareness course suitable for anyone who is liable to disturb asbestos during their normal work. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 stipulates that employers must provide appropriate training for all staff likely to be exposed to asbestos. This regulation also applies if you are self-employed.

The aim of this course is to give delegates an understanding of the dangers from asbestos and to how to avoid exposing themselves and others to those dangers, thereby creating a safer work place.

The course is divided into 14 sections at the end of each section you must answer 3 multiple choice questions before the system will allow you to move to the next section. The sections are –

1. General introduction
2. What is asbestos?
3. Asbestos and its effects on health.
4. Asbestos in buildings.
5. Loose asbestos and sprayed coatings.
6. Pipe and boiler lagging.
7. Asbestos insulation board
8. Textiles, putties, fillers and gaskets.
9. Asbestos cement.
10. Fire doors and flooring materials.
11. Other asbestos containing materials.
12. Asbestos legislation.
13. Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.
14. Asbestos surveys and registers.

The course will take you a minimum of 80 minutes to complete. This is a requirement of our professional body. They also require that we do not allow delegates to skip forward until the voice over has completed and the timer bar moved fully to the end.

The system will email you your certificate automatically upon completion of the final test.
Your certificate is valid for a year.
The licenses do not expire only the certificate they create expire after a year.

There is a sliding scale of discounts for purchasing multiple licenses –

1-10 licenses are £20 each
11-20 licenses are £18 each
21-50 licenses are £16 each
More than 50 licenses are £12 each
All figures are before VAT

There is a track courses facility at
Try and take the course in a quiet and comfortable location where you can concentrate.
A screen size of 10 inches or more is strongly recommended, although a screen size of 7 inches is an absolute minimum requirement. Tablets are not recommended, and mobile phones and iPads should not be used. They do not always have the technical specification to deal with interactive elements and tests. They would also not meet the requirement of a minimum 7 inch screen.

Technical support questions

The easiest way to log in is to use the Quick Log-in link in the email containing your licence key. Just click the link to go to the Log In page with your licence key automatically entered. Then just enter the 4 digit password to log in.

If you continue to experience problems logging in, we recommend that you copy and paste your licence number and password from the email to avoid any accidental mistyping. No matter how careful you are in typing the details in, it’s easy to misread a letter or a digit. If you would like to know how to copy and paste, please follow the instructions below.

1. Open the email with your licence number and password. Please note that you will need to have your email and our website open on the same computer – you won’t be able to copy and paste from one device to another.

2. Move the cursor to the left of the long licence number.

3. Click and hold the left mouse button at the left of the licence number and drag across the number so that it is highlighted. You can release the left mouse button once the numbers are highlighted.

4. Move the cursor over the highlighted numbers and right-click (click the right mouse button). A short menu will appear.

5. Click ‘Copy’.

6. Switch to the log-in page on our website and move the cursor over the first input field. Right-click and the menu will appear.

7. Select ‘Paste’ and the licence number will appear in the field.

8. Switch back to the email and repeat for the password. Highlight it, right-click and select ‘Copy’:

9. Switch to the log-in form and right-click the second field. Select ‘Paste’:

10. You can now log in.

Check your spam folder as the license and password are sent from a server and your anti-virus system may have thought it was spam. If you still can’t find it contact us and we will check the email address it was sent to and resend it.
Usually this will arrive within moments. If it doesn’t contact us and we will check what has happened, very occasionally the UKATA system that issues certificates fails to dispatch it to us.

UKATA registered Asbestos Awareness online training

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