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London to host 3rd European Asbestos Forum Conference in September

What is the European Asbestos Forum?

This year, the 3rd annual European Asbestos Forum Conference (EAF) will commence in London. The goal of the EAF is to connect qualified asbestos awareness professionals with industry experts. Whether you’re involved in asbestos removal, testing, insurance or consultancy, the wide range of perspectives encourages engaging dialogue.

What have previous EAF Conferences covered?

The EAF has had extensive and far-reaching subject matter. In 2015, there were forums that included – but not limited to – European asbestos legislation, how global economic relations affect labour standards and high-risk occupations and exposure prevention. In 2016, discussions involved the real estate and contracting sector, fire brigade safety and developments in the improvement of asbestos-based medical treatment.

What to expect at 2017’s EAF Conference

On Monday, September 25th, over 20 leading international experts from law, governmental, medical, health and safety management and demolition backgrounds will meet with conference goers in a round table workshop setting. Attendees are encouraged to exchange information and form lasting networking ties with other guests and experts.  

On Tuesday the 26th, Dr. Penny Woods from the British Lung Foundation will give the opening address. Woods’ involvement with governmental agencies, multi-national companies, the NHS, private health care agencies, as well as family experience regarding lung diseases gives her a unique healthcare vantage point. Her life’s ambition is to give millions of those suffering from lung disease the government and health sector protection and care they deserve. She will speak on asbestos diseases and recent related medical findings.

Following Dr. Woods’ speech, Terry Coleman from Pacifica Environmental Ltd. Fiji will discuss how to best respond to asbestos threats after natural disasters. Stephen Sadley from ARCA will close the morning speeches with a presentation on how trade associations are affected by asbestos removal specialists.

Two sessions to choose from

Asbestos awareness

After a brief buffet lunch, the attendees will be divided into two groups. Session A speakers will give primary focus to the impact that asbestos has on British society, and how asbestos awareness affects employees in a workplace.

The Session A group will be invited to listen to international speakers discussing their country’s approaches to eradicating asbestos. Among them will be Geoff Fary, former Chairman of the Australian Asbestos Safety and Eradication Council, as well as Dr. Nico van Zandwijk, the former Director of the Asbestos Diseases Research Institute.

The Session B division will focus on Asbestos & Professional Perspectives. Among these speakers will be Mark Winter (Beacon International), discussing the complications regarding asbestos removal in nuclear and petrochemical plants. Brendan J. Tully (Phillips & Paolicelli LLP) eye-opening dialogue regarding the global asbestos industry will elaborate on the tactics necessary to pursue legal action. Owing to the asbestos industry’s corporate espionage tactics, anti-asbestos activists should not miss this talk.

Why the EAF Conference matters to British citizens

London, Why the EAF Conference matters to British citizens

With an estimated 50% of British buildings containing asbestos – and an average of 20 citizens succumbing to asbestos-related diseases each week – the country has a long way to go in terms of protecting workers. In recent years, compulsory asbestos awareness courses have done much to increase understanding while decreasing exposure.

The EAF Conference understands that bringing international industry experts, medical professionals and anti-asbestos activists together is crucial. By understanding a wider range of perspectives and successful anti-asbestos campaigns, British industry leaders and government officials can develop systematic approaches to eliminating exposure with further asbestos regulations. Medical professionals can find inspiration in burgeoning treatments for diseases like asbestosis and asbestos lung cancer like mesothelioma.

From EAF to UKATA implementation

2016’s EAF speaker, Ingeborg Smit, discussed the risks associated with asbestos found in building rubble. Tradesmen are at highest risk for asbestos exposure when working on brownfield construction sites. UKATA has since developed soil-related asbestos courses, in addition to asbestos awareness training. Officials believe that construction workers will be better equipped to assess risks and keep themselves safe with these ever-evolving courses.

Sign up for the 2017 EAF Conference today

With the encouragement of ideas and training techniques, the EAF Conference is a highly important event for anyone involved with anti-asbestos industries. Meet leading experts, develop your professional network, and exchange techniques and ideas with similarly minded individuals. Tickets are available on the European Asbestos Forum website.