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UKATA certificates

It’s been a requirement for several years now for all UKATA Asbestos Awareness certificates to be created using UKATA’s custom certificate generator.

If you’re in any ¬†doubt whether your certificate has been generated correctly, UKATA provide this handy graphic of what an official certificate should look like:


Source: UKATA website

You can also check the validity of your certificate by calling 0844 372 2810 and quoting the certificate number.

Note the stipulation regarding online / elearning courses, which states that certificates earned online will have the title “Asbestos Awareness Elearning Course”.

Our online UKATA asbestos awareness course uses the UKATA certificate generator. When you complete the course, it will generate the UKATA certificate and make it available for downloading straightaway – plus we automatically email you a copy for safekeeping.