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UKATA Asbestos Awareness Training Refresher

UKATA asbestos awareness refresher courses can be taken online or face-to-face. Although it is not a legal requirement to undergo UKATA asbestos refresher training, it allows anyone who might come into contact with the substance in their normal line of work, to make an educated decision as to how to proceed.

This will probably involve stepping back and calling in licensed contractors, but it is important that workers understand why they should take this course of action. Once they have knowledge of the ramifications of exposure to asbestos, they are more likely to react in the correct way.

A UKATA Asbestos Awareness certificate expires after 12 months, so this is the logical time to undergo more training, albeit less formal than the initial course.

What’s involved in a UKATA asbestos refresher training course?

The Health and Safety Executive recommend that additional training is undertaken 12 months from the initial asbestos awareness course, and refresher training courses can be taken online.

During the third year face-to-face training may be more appropriate. This could be useful for those whose job role has changed, but would also be beneficial to other staff members. Some companies hold regular health and safety awareness meetings, and this would be an ideal time to dispense refresher asbestos training.

Who can carry out the training?

A supervisor or manager who is competent to offer training to individuals and groups would be a good choice, but only if they have kept up-to-date with current issues regarding the treatment of asbestos.

This may be from general awareness of the problems surrounding asbestos, or from having received recent training themselves. Someone ‘in-house’ also knows and understands the learning needs of individual members of staff, and can provide employee-specific training if necessary.