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UKATA Asbestos Awareness Syllabus: Assessments and tutor competence

This post will polish off our series on UKATA’s syllabus for asbestos training. The previous posts looked at the following:

Asbestos Awareness Training Assessment

UKATA’s syllabus defines that:

Attainment of the learning outcome for the qualification should be assessed by a multiple choice examination consisting of at least 15 questions under exam conditions.

A candidate will be required to achieve a score of at least 11 out of 15 in the examination. Failure to achieve this will result in the candidate requiring to re-sit the examination under exam conditions. If a candidate further fails the second attempt then they will require to re-sit the course in its entirety.

How does this relate to online asbestos training?

Clearly, the online version of the asbestos training course may have some differences in terms of the assessment from the classroom version. Note that the online training must:

  • Use questions from the official UKATA question bank
  • Specify a time limit for completing the assessment
  • Require a passmark of 80% or better

The competence of tutors

UKATA require that “all training should be provided by someone who is competent to do so, who has had adequate personal practical experience and who has a theoretical knowledge of all relevant aspects of the work being carried out by the employer.”

In their rules of membership, UKATA define a competent trainer as able to demonstrate the ability to meet two key criteria:

  • They should be able to provide evidence of appropriate experience within the asbestos industry
    • Tutors for asbestos awareness courses should have a minimum of 3 years experience working within the asbestos industry or a health and safety background with a formal asbestos qualification: BOHS P402 or P405 or P406.
    • Alternatively the course tutor should have passed a UKATA Asbestos Supervisor or Manager course, as a minimum qualification.
  • The tutor will have delivered a course that has been successfully audited by UKATA

Once the tutor has met both criteria, they will be recognised as a UKATA trainer.

How does this relate to online asbestos training?

For an asbestos awareness training course that is delivered online, there must be a recognised UKATA trainer as part of the development team.