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Simplify administration by tracking your licences

If you have several employees taking an asbestos course it can be difficult to monitor progress, and to collate all their details and results. That’s why we’ve included the ‘Track Courses’ page on our website – it’s a helpful facility that makes training admin that little bit easier.

You just need to enter the first two parts of a licence number. You’ll see how everyone is doing with their training, which licences are still available, and whether or not certificates are ready to be downloaded.

Our licence system

A single licence can be used for one person to access their course, take the quiz and if successful, download the UKATA certificate as proof that they’ve passed. For companies buying multiple licences, our tracking feature simplifies what can be an onerous administrative process.

Licence numbers are issued in batches – the first two parts of the number identify the batch, then the final part is sequential. This means that if you buy 25 licences, you can enter the first two parts of one of the licence keys to track all 25 in the batch.

What information is available via our tracking facility?

You can keep an eye on employees’ progress, see at a glance who has started, and who has finished the course. You’ll be able to download certificates, and generally gain access to helpful information that makes your own systems more reliable and efficient.

It’s particularly useful for training providers as it functions like a simple Learning Management System. You can automate your record-keeping and update systems in an instant – no more need for paper records.

Unused licences are flagged on the tracking pages so you know which ones are free to allocate. You’ll also see when a UKATA certificate becomes available for download once a licence has been used.

How to use Track Courses

Go to to input the first two parts of a licence number. If you’ve bought more than one licence, you’ll see all the other associated numbers on the same page.