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HSE asbestos health and safety

If you’re looking for a useful resource, perhaps to accompany or supplement your asbestos training, it’s well worthwhile taking a look at the HSE section on asbestos.

This section of the website covers several areas including:

  • The basics of asbestos
    This section is further broken down into several subsections. It looks at familiar territory to anyone who has taken our online course, namely what makes asbestos dangerous, where it can be found, and a history of its usage.
  • Managing and working with asbestos
    This section provides employers and workers who are likely to encounter asbestos with some basic steps to follow to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. It covers the identification of asbestos, the steps within a risk assessment, and how to decide whether to enlist a licensed contractor.
  • Some FAQs
  • News and Resources
    Resources are particularly useful – the HSE provide links to a number of publications concerning asbestos, an image gallery showing asbestos in the workplace, plus some case studies and videos.

Elsewhere within the section, there are links to the Hidden Killer campaign¬†and a learning package¬†about asbestos and its dangers aimed mainly at apprentices. We’ll be covering that in a future blog post.