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HSE asbestos essentials

The HSE have a very useful section on their website entitled Asbestos essentials. Although it’s not as exhaustive as a full asbestos training course, it contains a great deal of information on how to safely carry out non-licensed work that involves asbestos.

The page is divided into a number of section, including:

  • Work with asbestos cement (AC) (non-licensed)
  • Working with textured coatings (TC) containing asbestos (non-licensed)
  • Strictly controlled minor work on Asbestos Insulating Board (AIB)
  • Safe work with undamaged asbestos materials
  • Removal and replacement of other asbestos containing materials
  • Fly-tipped waste
  • Equipment and method sheets

Each section then contains several worksheets covering the essentials. A typical worksheet would cover a single subject, e.g. Drilling holes in asbestos cement and other highly bonded materials. Information is laid out clearly and simply, with good use of images to reinforce the text.

If you need to work with asbestos, this is a great resource.