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H&S ABC – An easy guide to health & safety

This is a bit outside our normal scope of online training and asbestos awareness, but we thought we’d post this short video that the HSE created to promote their easy guide to health and safety as it’s undoubtedly useful for most people visiting this site.

The HSE guide includes a range of tools to help SMEs understand health and safety. The advice helps you understand what you need and don’t need to do  – helping you to avoid unnecessary paperwork.

The guidance breaks down into three sections:

  • Basic information for businesses to start managing H&S
  • Guidance on common causes of accidents and working environments that can cause or worsen health conditions (e.g. working with asbestos)
  • Online risk assessments

You can find more information on the HSE site.

Don’t forget that our own asbestos awareness training can act as an online toolbox to help you with information around asbestos. Even after you’ve completed the course, you’re able to log back in at any time to refresh your knowledge. There’s also a handy set of resources and further information at the end of the course.