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Asbestos training – choosing a provider

There is an increasing amount of choice among asbestos training providers, particularly now that much training is online meaning that your selection process is not governed by the proximity of potential suppliers. In this post we’re going to take a look at one method of quality controlling providers: asbestos training associations.

Membership of an asbestos training association should mean that a company has been audited by that association – or at least can provide documentary evidence of having undergone an audit by an accredited organisation. Knowing that a supplier has been audited is one way of reassuring you of a minimum standard (though it’s not a guarantee).

Let’s take a look at some associations:


UKATA – the UK Asbestos Training Association – is probably the best known. On their website, they describe themselves as setting the “standards in asbestos training and ensuring that its members meet those standards“. You can search their site for members in three categories: Licensed Asbestos, Non-Licensed Asbestos, and Asbestos Awareness. Initial membership costs £900 with additional annual fees (which vary according to membership category).


According to their website, the Independent Asbestos Training Providers, offer a dynamic and interactive link between those seeking asbestos training and those providing it. To join the IATP, asbestos training providers need to submit documentary evidence to show they comply with regulations. This differs from UKATA, who audit members directly. You can search the IATP site for a training provider. Membership costs £350 per year.


Asheela describe themselves as providing “asbestos, health and safety and environmental certification throughout the UK“. They are a not for profit organisation. Membership fees are not advertised on the site and the number of members is far fewer than either UKATA or IATP.