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Asbestos Training: Category C

The third type of asbestos training is for licensable work with asbestos. UKATA describe as Category C: Licensed Asbestos Work.

For information about Category B: Non-licensed asbestos work, take a look at our previous post. Asbestos awareness training is covered on our homepage.

Licensed work with asbestos

The HSE state that work with asbestos-containing materials must be carried out by licensed contractors. Only competent workers and managers, provided with suitable information instruction and training and using appropriate respiratory and other protective equipment, may undertake licensed asbestos work. Further information on providing information instruction and training for licensable work can be found in The licensed contractors’ guide HSG 247 and the Approved Code of Practice L143 Managing and working with asbestos.

Employers should also make the following information available to workers doing licensable work with asbestos: For the specific work being done:

  • a copy of the risk assessment for that work
  • a copy of the plan of work
  • details of any air monitoring and results
  • details of notification of work made to the enforcing authority

General information

  • maintenance records for control measures
  • the individual’s own personal information from health records
  • the results of any face-fit test for RPE provided for work with asbestos
  • a copy of the licence
  • any anonymised collective information from the health records

Training providers

We don’t provide Category C training. For a list of UKATA members who do, please see this list.