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Asbestos awareness refresher training

Our online asbestos awareness course meets all the requirements of the HSE and UKATA for asbestos awareness refresher training. Click here to find out more about the training or read on for more information about HSE requirements regarding refresher training.

What are the requirements?

The HSE stipulate that refresher training should not be a repeat of your initial asbestos awareness training. UKATA have issued a useful document clarifying their own position on refresher training.

In this document, UKATA reiterate the objectives of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR12) which state that training should be:

  • Given at regular intervals (at least every year)
  • Adapted to account for changes in the type of work
  • Provided in a manner appropriate to the risks involved

Who should take this course?

According to CAR12, anyone who is likely to encounter or be exposed to asbestos during the course of their work (including their supervisors and managers) is required to undertake asbestos awareness training. This is likely to include – but is not limited to – anyone working within the construction industry as they are highly likely to encounter asbestos containing materials. However, workers in other industries may also be exposed to asbestos.

Online asbestos awareness refresher training

The view of UKATA and of the HSE is that elearning is an ideal delivery method for refresher training but should be complemented by face-to-face training every other year.

The use of on-line learning (e-learning) is ideally suited to meet the requirement of annual
refresher training in the second year when supported by face to face initial training and
subsequent face to face training every other year

UKATA Statement on Category A Refresher Training

As we’ve mentioned previously, the HSE recognise elearning as a valid training method for asbestos awareness courses. They also recognise UKATA as the principle body for asbestos awareness training.

Certificate Duration

A delegate completing our online course will be issued with a UKATA certificate that is valid for 12 months. It is not permitted to issue a certificate for a period greater than one year.

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