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Asbestos Awareness Brought to the Public Attention

It’s not just tradespeople and contractors who should be aware of asbestos, members of the public also need to be informed about where asbestos may be hiding in their homes. With this in mind, the Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team have organised an interactive programme currently being displayed on a huge screen in Chesterfield.

Their aim is to raise awareness among householders, DIY enthusiasts, and professional tradespeople of the dangers of coming into contact with asbestos. Although workers including electricians, plumbers and joiners are already expected to know about these issues, members of the public may be unaware as to the dangers lurking nearby.

The Asbestos House Awareness Project

The screen shows a cross-section of a house, along with the likely locations and potential forms of asbestos. Most importantly, advice is provided on what to do if the substance is found whilst carrying out household tasks such as painting and decorating.

The project’s organisers, the Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team, explain a little more on their website as to why asbestos awareness is vital among house owners:

“Along with a high presence in domestic properties, many schools that were constructed during the mid 20th century contain a significant level of asbestos …… More needs to be done to raise awareness, particularly amongst the general public as we become a Nation of DIYers and home renovators.”

Asbestos awareness training for people in the trades

Training in asbestos awareness is now a legal obligation for tradespeople in the UK. Workers have to undergo a short online or classroom-based training course designed to let them know where asbestos may be hiding.

Unlike other asbestos-related courses, asbestos awareness is about knowing when to step back from a project and call in licensed contractors. Only when armed with this knowledge can tradespeople be confident that they won’t disturb asbestos fibres in the day-to-day nature of their work.

For Derbyshire residents, however, this spotlight on the general dangers of asbestos helps to highlight the ongoing presence of this dangerous substance.